Legionnaires' disease, legionella help

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The Legionella Management Advisory Group (LMAG) is a collective of experts that deal with the incidence and prevention of Legionella and other harmful bacteria in their profession.  The key objective and desired outcome from the LMAG is to facilitate and champion best practices for the prevention or mitigation of contamination with Legionella and other related pathogens within a reticulated water system.

Details of the group can be found on the About page of the LMAG  website.


The mission of the LMAG is to find the answer to the question "What do we need to do to minimise or eliminate the risk of Legionella?"

The purpose of the LMAG is to process information and provide guidance on the best way forward using training, design, maintenance, repair and ongoing operational management of systems to eliminate the risk of, and reduce the incidence of, Legionella and other harmful bacteria.

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Legionnaires' disease, legionella help

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